iPayroll Employee Kiosk - Activate my kiosk

iPayroll Employee Kiosk - Activate my kiosk

iPayroll has created an Employee Kiosk to securely hold your information. 
To review your payslips you first need to activate your kiosk on the web version then you can download the mobile app.
On your first pay day, if your employer has entered your email address into iPayroll, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to activate your Employee Kiosk. 
As well as seeing all your payslips (depending on the settings chosen by your employer) you may be able to request leave, project leave balances or view leave calendars, change your contact information, or submit timelog entries.
Your Employee Kiosk Username is your email address
If you didn't receive an email, ask your employer to update your details with your email address or for a printed copy of your payslip where you will find a system-generated username and activation instructions at the bottom.
If you are already using your email address with another employer who uses iPayroll, you will have a system-generated username. Use this to activate your kiosk. You can then change it to another email address i.e. a work email or have your employer contact iPayroll for assistance.
For more information here Reset my Kiosk Password
For more information here Google Play
For more information here App Store
  1. Select the Activate link in your Welcome to iPayroll email it will take you to the Create a Password page.
  2. Enter your username (your email address or the system generated kiosk username on the payslip)
  3. Choose a password (it must meet our complexity rules)
  4. Select > Activate
  5. The Dashboard of your Employee Kiosk will display.
  6. Now you can download the iPayroll APP from Google play or App Store

Activate your Employee Kiosk  - from Log in screen

  1. Select the Activate my Kiosk Login
  2. Enter your username (your email address or the system generated kiosk username on the payslip)
  3. A Reset my Password email will be sent 
  4. Select Reset my Password button
  5. Choose a password (it must meet our complexity rules)
  6. Confirm your new password
  7. Select > Continue
  8. The Dashboard of your Employee Kiosk will display.
  9. Now you can download the iPayroll APP from Google play or App Store

Changing your username to email

If you are using a system-generated username, you can change your username to an email address, this will also make it easier to reset your password if necessary.
  1. Select the link inside the kiosk 
  2. Update Email Address
  3. Confirm Email Address
  4. Next
  5. You will be asked to confirm the change to your email address as your username
  6. Select > Confirm
  7. You will be logged out
  8. The Login screen will then be displayed - use your new username and the password you have already created to log back in.

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